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1 engross (oneself) fully; "He immersed himself into his studies" [syn: steep, immerse, plunge, engross, absorb, soak up]
2 flow over or cover completely; "The bright light engulfed him completely"

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  1. To overwhelm.
    Desperation engulfed her after her daugther's death.
  2. To surround; to cover.
    Only Noah survived when the Flood engulfed earth.


surround; cover

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

baptize, be prodigal with, bury, cascade, cataract, deluge, devour, dip, douse, drink, drown, duck, dunk, eat, engorge, flood, flood the market, gobble, gulp, gulp down, imbibe, immerge, immerse, ingest, ingurgitate, inundate, merge, overbrim, overdose, overequip, overflow, overfurnish, overlavish, overprovender, overprovide, overprovision, overrun, oversell, overstock, oversupply, overwhelm, plunge in water, pour out, pour over, run over, sink, slop, slosh, souse, spill, spill out, spill over, submerge, submerse, swallow, swamp, sweep, swill, swill down, whelm, wolf down
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